10 Suggestions for Running Safely At Night Or Early Morning

Some runners don’t have the time to spare for running during regular hours. Their hectic schedules and finite daylight hours prevent them from doing so. They’re forced to run in the evenings or at daybreak instead. For these people, keeping safe while enjoying their passion is a huge concern.

Sure it’s way safer to run while the sun is up. However, you can also make running during early morning or at night safe. Just follow the advice below.

  1. Run opposite vehicular traffic – Avoiding cars is much easier if you have a clear visual of them coming. Steer clear of busy roads, especially those lacking sidewalks or shoulders.
  2. Always keep identification cards handy – Consider wearing ID tags on shoes or placing your driver’s license inside your pocket.
  3. Buddy up – There is safety in numbers. As much as possible, try not to run solo. If it cannot be avoided, make sure you inform someone about the route you’re taking. Give them an estimated time of your arrival from the run.
  4. Watch out for runners and bikers – This applies whether you run in the park or on a running path, and in both darkness and daylight. Always be mindful of cyclists and other runners. Check that the path is clear before turning around or stopping.
  5. No music – Leave your iPod, radio or MP3 player at home when running. These gizmos limit your hearing while on a run. They put you at a distinct disadvantage and leave you  vulnerable. You won’t hear cyclists shouting at you to move, dogs barking, cars closing in or other prospective road threats.
  6. Go for well-lit running routes – The route might not be among your top 10 list, but if it has plenty of lighting, it’s the safest option. The road will always be visible so it’s easier to avoid various potential dangers. Plus, oncoming cars can’t miss you.
  7. Be seen – When running at night or during the wee morning hours, don clothes in the orange, white or yellow shade. Don’t forget to put on your reflective gear too. Some running items like jackets and running shoes come with reflective pieces already attached, but it’s never a bad idea to add a few more. Evening or early morning runs are also safer with a headlamp.
  8. Mix up your running times and routes – Runners’ daily routines are studied by potential attackers. That’s how they know when and where to pounce. Make it hard for attackers to figure out your routine.
  9. Obey instincts – If your gut tells you that you’re about to enter a dangerous situation, trust it and go head somewhere safe.
  10.  Bring a cellular phone – In case something bad happens or you note anything suspicious, contacting the cops right away will be no problem since you have your cell phone with you.

Whether you run during the day or late at night, being safe is high priority. Heed the tips mentioned here to avoid getting stuck in unpleasant situations while running. Take extra care when running during odd hours. You never know who could be out there watching.


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