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Common Distractions to Watch For at Night

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Safety Belts And Pedestrians

Safety belts no longer apply to just passengers and drivers. Teaneck Councilor Elie Katz and resident Harold Gellis have paved the way for pedestrians to don reflective belts while they stroll the town when it is dark. Continue reading

11 Things You Should Do To Make Night Driving Safe

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Avoiding Deer on the Road

If you live in an area with a large deer population, chances are you’ve had a close encounter with these timid but hazardous creatures. Accidents involving deer and vehicles are common, especially along stretches of road without streetlights. Deer are hard to see in the dark, often nearly invisible until they’re staring directly into your headlights. By this point, it’s too late…a collision is likely to occur. Continue reading

Can Emergency Help Find You

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Night Driving Tips Worth Knowing

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Guide to Travelling Safely During the Winter Months

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