Common Distractions to Watch For at Night

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Living A Confident Existence

Living A Confident Existence

Some people are insusceptible to accidents. Strange, but true. These people almost never slip on soap or get hit by passing cabs or buses. You might have met some of them in the dark. Night bikers without any reflectors and protective gear, clothed in nothing but black from head to toe. Pedestrians on busy street corners who abruptly slow down and stop amid oncoming traffic. Continue reading

10 Suggestions for Running Safely At Night Or Early Morning

Some runners don’t have the time to spare for running during regular hours. Their hectic schedules and finite daylight hours prevent them from doing so. They’re forced to run in the evenings or at daybreak instead. For these people, keeping safe while enjoying their passion is a huge concern. Continue reading

Safety Belts And Pedestrians

Safety belts no longer apply to just passengers and drivers. Teaneck Councilor Elie Katz and resident Harold Gellis have paved the way for pedestrians to don reflective belts while they stroll the town when it is dark. Continue reading

11 Things You Should Do To Make Night Driving Safe

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Rear-Facing Car Seats Urged For Children Two And Younger

Rear-Facing Car Seats Urged For Children Two And Younger

Once toddlers turn one year old, they switch from facing the rear to facing forward in the car seats. A lot of parents treat this event as a sort of milestone and eagerly await it. However, the recent policy statement made by the country’s top pediatricians’ associations says that doing so is a bit premature. They believe such a transition was one year too early. Continue reading

Bicycle Safety Laws You Should Know

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